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This project took place with foreign students, so it was implemented in English.

"Data visualisation" was about information design in connection with Augsburg.
I chose the theme of sustainability.


Originally I wanted to create a simple map showing the sustainable shops.

Infodesign Sketch

Then, my project developed into a tour guide. I was inspired by the Jochen Schweizer experience sets and took up the theme of fashion again by using fabrics to give the project a fitting character.

Infodesign Sketch 2


To incorporate the theme of sustainable fashion, I toyed with
the idea of sewing the project and got inspired.

Infodesign Mood


I had to be clear about what information had to be packed into the tour guide:
A bicycle map, which marks the shops and takes up the sustainable idea of the journey; define three different tours and select suitable shops. And how to convert everything into fabric.
Three tours and the color scheme were defined.

Infodesign Sketch 3

The user-friendliness should be guaranteed by the fact that the important information
for the planned tour can be taken along compactly.

Infodesign Sketch 4


In the implementation I worked with Adobe Illustrator for the map and the sedcards, as well as with a sewing machine for the material look. For smaller details I used needle and thread. I also set the text manually on the secondhand fabrics using stamps and fabric colour. I started by working on the printed material and based on that I sewed and stamped the cloth book.

Infodesign Prozess 1

Infodesign Prozess 2

Infodesign Prozess 3

Infodesign Prozess 4


Looking back, almost everything worked out the way I had in mind. Only the scale of the map and the stamp elements were more difficult than I thought. But the core task of preparing information in an understandable, experimental way was finally achieved satisfactorily for me.

Infodesign Result 1

Infodesign Result 2

Infodesign Result 3

Infodesign Karte

Infodesign Karte 2

Infodesign Tourset

Infodesign Karten


The goal of our design project, was to eventually portray his own theme in a poster that would be displayed at an exhibition. Here all thought processes, steps and results should be visualized again.

Infodesign Ausstellung 1

Infodesign Ausstellung 2

Infodesign Ausstellung 3

Infodesign Ausstellung 4

Take a look at our virtual exhibition!

My presentation:


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